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Raw chicken bits

I just talked to the local butcher (I still can't believe there's a local butcher) and he says that chicken backs and necks run about 89cents a pound. This is really good, as I'm planning on serving the cats 2 ground meals and one back/neck per day. It really cuts back on the cost.

The thing I'm struggling with right now is the amount of food to give them. They've been eating like little piggies since I started the raw, but they're slowing down. I'm not sure if this is because they're getting the nutrients they need in smaller quantites or because they're sick of the food. I guess only time will tell. And maybe a little bribe on the chicken.

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Does the web offer any credible advice on what is normal for kitty diets? I'm glad to hear that they are liking the switch.

I'm sorry...but what local butcher? Are they down with the organics and sustainable harvest or are they just about the meat?

Most of them talk about the "prey model." Basically, replicating what they'd get in the wild. I plan on adding a few supplements, cause vitamins never hurt anyone, but that's the general idea. The general idea is 5-10% organ meat, 10% bone and the rest meat. Seems danged reasonable to me.

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