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Chunky beef

This afternooon we had a breakthrough on the raw feeding. My little orange porker has decided that he loves beef. In fact, he loves it so much he's willing to chew up chunks of it. Chunks of chicken were ignored and the new chicken breats/thigh mix I made yesterday was repellent. Or at least, he reacted by jumping away from it much in the way that he leaps away from the smell of beer, which I assume is because it stinks.

I still can't believe that he ate little chunks. He's actually willing to chew if he likes the meat. Now to get the other cat to eat...
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Your cat is simply not from this planet. He should instinctively know, as my cat does, that chicken is bird meat -- birds are edible cat fair, as they could be hunted and killed in the wild back yard. My cat also know, instinctively that beef is from an animal too large for her to hunt...thus she either leaves it all behind or eats just enough of it to puke it back up again in protest.

Congrats on the forward progress on the raw feeding!!! Also - wow! Beef -- if you can't tell -- I'm amazed at your cow-eating-wonder-cat! Cheers!

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