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Last night, my mother questioned whether or not feeding raw was the best thing for my cats. I think she's concerned because this is more labor intensive than just dropping dry food for them once a day. And with the stage we're at now, it's nearly impossible to plan ahead for feedings - they just won't take the food if it's been prepared ahead of time. She also has a cat that will starve herself if she doesn't like the food. My little monkey is like that, but I'm careful about making sure that her food is acceptable and that she's getting enough to eat.

We had a bit of a setback last week - she decided that there was too much raw meat in her food and just wouldn't eat it. So we're back to half canned and half raw, but my little porker boy will still eat chunks of beef if offered, and I'm trying to do that frequently enough that he gets used to it.

I think part of the problem is that my girl isn't used to chewing her food. The dry food was small enough to swallow and the wet just requires licking it up. So we're slowing the pace of change to let her jaw muscles get used to chewing again. It's a guessing game, but I'm certain that this is the right thing to do. Between the beneficial weight loss, the increase in activity, softer coats and fewer hairballs, even at this semi-transitioned place we're better off than we were. It makes it much easier to stand up and say "yeah, it's weird, but that's just the marketing that makes it so."
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I think it's a great idea, as long as it works. I would do it if I had the time to futz around with it.

There's a new pet food on the market that's all organic, so I might try that out eventually.

There are actually pre-made raw patties - can you believe that? I'd love to do that as a business. Sooooo easy. Eventually I'm hoping to get them to the point where I toss them a chicken wing/breast/back or beef chunk and they just go at it - no prep time at all. But cats are easy that way - no need to sneak in veggies. :)

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