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Stupid painters, recipes and several sources of AIEEEE!

So yesterday I spent an hour and a half for the painters that never came. I was hoping that they would come and finish the deck, allowing me to put stuff BACK ON IT. But no, they have no intention of returning to my house, ever. So now I have another project that I must do myself instead of being able to hire someone else to do this tedious thing that I don't want to do. Somewhere, there must be justice for this sort of thing. It's just not here.

Somehow, I seem to have stumbled across the perfect recipe for pork. I'm not a huge fan of the "other white meat" (unless you count ribs. I can stuff myself silly on those), but this simple recipe makes it sooooo good. And the best part is that it's easy. So I'm sharing. In fact, it's so easy that I told my husband we could have Mexican food every night if he could find a recipe for Chili Verde to switch things up a bit.

Green Chile

2 lbs pork, cubed
3 14.5 oz cans stewed tomatos (whatever variety you like best)
1 can tomato paste
2 4 oz cans chopped jalepeno peppers
4 4 oz cans chopped green chile peppers

Brown the pork and add a bit of flour to thicken the gravy. Dump all cans and the pork into a crock pot and cook on high for 2 hours or simmer in stew pot on stove for 2 hours. Serve as stew, over rice, or as a burrito. This makes enough to feed 8 good sized servings. We like it particularly hot, but the jalepenos and green chiles can be substituted around to meet your preferred level of spiciness.

Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to look at a chunk of land that may serve as the placement of our next house. I really hope that it turns out to be a good one - the price is right, the taxes are low and it's huge. It would be fantastic to live there. The problem is that now I need to find an architect or a builder that can modify plans. I'm leaning toward an architect, especially if they'll act as a general contractor. I really don't want to have to mess with anything other than providing design input. Permits are a pain in the butt and I'd much rather that someone else had to file all that paperwork and work out the timing on deliveries and stuff. Trying not to panic about interviewing architects (what the heck questions do I ask?) is taking up a bit of brain power today.

This morning I had an interview for a job that would be ok. It's not my dream job, but it's just a contract gig so it doesn't matter that much. The complicating factor is that I'll be getting a call to schedule an interview for a job I really want soon. The decision horizon on that one is farther out, but I'd really rather have that one if they like me. I'm hoping to stall on the contract gig long enough that if I get turned down for the one I really want, I'll still have a paying job, but I don't know if that's possible. This is going to be fun to sort out.
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