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Walking, waving and working

This morning I spent an hour and a half on the treadmill. I'm getting in shape for a 3.2 mile walk next month and wanted to see if I could go the whole distance. I'm tired, but my pace was good and I'm not so exhauseted I need to flop on the ground. Now it will just be getting more speed into the walking. Or jogging. Or whatever.

I think I've been reading too many Sweet Potato Queens stories. I'm heading to Montana with pygma_lion for the 4th of July, and they have a parade that anyone can enter. So I'm organizing a float of Martini Queens. We will all have tiaras, but that's the only real definite part of our costume. I'm really looking forward to waving at people from the back of a pickup in a tiara. This will be hilarious.

Oh, and I totally smashed my interview out of the park. They want to hire me, but I have another interview coming up later this week and don't want to make a decision until I've been through both. Fun, and yet not all at the same time. It would be easier if I didn't want the job I have yet to interview for more.

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I'm never sure what is worse...going through tons of interviews, or getting an offer and not being sure you want it...yet still not having anything else in hand. Tough.

I made the mistake before of going with what was in hand, but this time I was lucky and persistent and I have until after my next interview to decide. I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to tell during the interview if they like me or not. And it doesn't hurt that I've got an insider. :)

Ooh, don't forget to practice your parade wave! When I was in high school, Wendy's hired me for my hair. Their Wendy was going away to college and they needed someone else who could play Wendy in parades and things, and I'd already applied for a regular job. They hired me in the local store and sent me off to wear the Wendy dress and stand in the back of a red pickup every couple of months. I learned that The Wave is very important. ;)

I'm so excited about this I can hardly stand it. Electing myself Queen is one of the best things I've done lately. The tiara, the fancy wave, it's so exciting! And dang it, I'm going to have someone take pictures while we're up there because when else am I going to be in a parade?

So what did you do the rest of the time? Did you actually work at the Wendys or did they only trot you out for special occasions?

I worked at Wendy's the rest of the time. I was their most versatile employee, the manager frequently told me. That sounds great, but what it really means is that whenever someone called in or was canned or whatever, I got stuck in that person's position. Running the grill is so not fun in the middle of the summer in Florida. Closing the grill is decidedly less fun. Still, for all that, I really loved that job. It was my first, and I had a blast. I know it wouldn't be the same now, almost half a lifetime later, but back then it was a ton of fun.

I so hope you'll post the pictures. I love the idea of electing yourself Queen and doing the parade. That really does sound like so much fun. Have you picked out your tiara yet?

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