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OMG Busy!

Why does everything happen all at once? I'm not complaining, just trying to be less overwhelmed. It's not a good sign that I had 3 phone calls before 9 though. Insanity! At least I was able to relieve some tension at the dentists. Crazily enough, I laughed so hard there that I cried.

I know, this is a totally foreign concept. But my hygenist and I were both wound so tightly that when I said something moderatly funny (that my Dad spat out half of one of his teeth) that we both just busted up. And couldn't stop laughing, especially since we seemed to set each other off again. Then she tried to ask me a semi-serious question (whether he had all his own teeth or not) and I said "bits and pieces" and we were off again. The rest of the hour was a loss. Everything was funny. Especially when the dentist came in to inspect my teeth and he startled the heck out of me by spraying water on my face. I jumped and we both cracked up. The poor guy was stuck there trying to figure out what was wrong with us and get on to his next appointment. But boy, did I need that relief.

So this afternoon, I'm going to try to not go crazy while setting up financing for a possible land purchase. Also, trying to get started on planning and maybe building the next house (I like this plan). Oh, and trying to keep 2 of my goldfish from bullying the other to death.

Tomorrow is all about the jobs. I have to decide by 4 which one I want to pursue. And then Friday is PT, trying to stain the deck, trying to get a landscaper to come in and fix up the yard, getting started on the 2 scrapbooks I have commissioned (1 for a raffle and 1 for actual MONEY!) and maybe a little sanity in between.

Damn, I forgot to start the crockpot for dinner. I'm off.

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Apparently "laughing gas" is an accurate description of nitrous, eh? ;)

And then the crying gas. I guess that's technically just an air powered drill.

Oh, I love that house plan. But what's with the "Note: This plan may not be built on Bainbridge Island, WA, until January 1, 2007." Like Bainbridge is the one place in the world where zombies will attack you if you build that house?

I have no idea. So weird.

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