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(no subject)

So we made an offer on the land. Cross your fingers that they accept and there's nothing drastically wrong with the place.

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My fingers are officially crossed. :)

Crossing fingers. Very neat. Good luck on it.

Thanks. I think we might need the luck.

Fingers crossed for you!

Thank ya!

OMFG!!!! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you! You know, you two planted a seed in vanderbolt's head the other day about purchasing land and building your own home. I believe it is germinating now. I don't think our current plan has changed re: purchasing a new home in early 2008 YET, but it might.

Hehehehe. Don't show him the plans on that site, he might go crazy. Some of those houses are awesome.

WOW!! Congratulations!
You know, it's very hard to type with all my fingers crossed.

Shaddap. I suspect we're going to both going to be absolutely insane by the end of this month with all the crazy stuff going on.

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