savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Crazy busy

I feel like I've gone insane - things around my house are just getting crazier. After my first day of work we got home to discover that the landscaper had been by to prep the yard for the new lawn, so in addition to the whirlwind picking up for the cleaning service, we really neede to get everything out of the way for the new lawn. Somehow they'd managed to work around the rain barrell (I can't put it where it goes until we get the deck repainted) and put in the topsoil in spite of us. And they were ignoring the fact that the sprinkler system was totally disfunctional as the plumbing work hadn't gone as smoothly as had been expected.

The picking up of the house was the worst part though. We're still not done putting the stairs together so there were tools and parts everywhere. We did manage to get that put away and get everything cleared off enough so that the cleaners could get all of the surfaces. My husband is hilarious - he was wondering if they realize that coming forces folks to clean. I tried to explain to him that there's a big difference between picking stuff up and cleaning. I'm not sure he gets it yet - too many years as a bachelor.

But it was all worth it. Coming home yesterday to a clean smelling house and perfect lawn was bliss. I'm so surprised at how fantastic this house looks now with almost everything done that it's almost like living somewhere new. It's wonderful to be like this and will be better still to get everything complete. I'll have to take pictures - I can hardly believe the changes and I actually live there.
Tags: house renovations
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