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I'm an idiot. I love to prove this to myself periodically so I don't forget and do something really big and important without being able to say "self, I told you so" when it bombs. Lets take this weekend as an example. There I am, minding my own business and moving crap around in the yard to get things back to the way they ought to be after all our work and for just a minute, I stopped paying attention to what I was doing. My body took this opportunity to remind me that I'm an idiot by making me trip over the stairs on the deck and go crashing down them.

Thankfully, there were only 3 stairs to the landing and I caught myself a bit by smashing my elbow into the railing and flailing about. Somehow, I managed to avoid whacking my head on anything, which is pretty much a miracle for me. When I fall I always whack my head, it's like some sort of law of nature. But this time I was lucky and just strained my ankle and skinned my elbow.

This still pisses me off mightily. I'm gimping around today on a sore ankle and I spent all yesterday elevating it so that I could walk today. Stupid brain/body disconnect. You'd think I'd be done tripping over nothing at my age.

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Ow! That sounds like a whole lot of not fun.

You're definitely right. But it's not nearly as bad as it could have been, and it's getting better. I'm trying to learn from your ankle horrors so I'm wearing mostly-sensible shoes. It's helping. :)

I'm glad someone learns from my mistakes! I'm sad to report that that person is rarely me.

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