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Too much brain

I'm really tired this morning, mostly due to the amount of work my brain was trying to do while I was sleeping. There really ought to be some sort of off switch to allow it to staop trying to work out the things I think about during the day. Some days there's just too much to let it keep working through the night.

I'm worrying mostly about trying to find a builder for the new house. I have no idea how to ask questions or really even what questions to ask, so it feels like I'm flailing around in the dark. I wouldn't be especially worried except that our experience with the house painters was so bad (and this is so much more important) that now I'm afraid I'm going to pick the wrong person.

Luckily, this morning I have coffee. And I called my investment banker (I know, that makes me sound hoity-toity) and some of the folks he works with built their own houses. So maybe I'll get a recommendation that way. Thank goodness for the coffee.

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Confused: I thought that land buying was out for awhile, so with that went the new home dream? Also, wouldn't you want to work with an architech/designer first and then get a builder? I don't know how these things work...and I'm watching you thinking: That might be me in x years. Soooooooooooooooo any insight on the process...let me know.

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