savannah (onsafari) wrote,

So the builder from last night was... not what we were loooking for. It's difficult to interview someone for stuff like that, and the guy we talked to wanted to know right off the bat how much money we were looking to spend. Bad sign. At least he was nice.

The most frustrating part about this is that I get to play the Evil Tightwad Wife. This role gets so old it's not funny anymore. My husband gets all excited about things and just wants to go forward while I'm stuck asking all the hard questions like "how much does this cost?" At least he doesn't question my decisions. I don't think I could stand that. But it would be nice to be a united front for a while.

Anyway, we're changing tactics a bit. I've got feelers out for good contractors at my new work and we're considering the possibility of buying someplace and then upgrading it in the future. It's not like we want an architects dream of who we could be if we were super cool, we just want a house that's big enough to let me put all our junk away and still have room to move around.
Tags: house building
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