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New bag

Sine I have a new job which requires the transport of a laptop, I've ordered myself a new Tom Bihn bag. I love this bag already. Not only is it really cool looking, with it's kiwi and dark blue coloring, but it holds everything. This morning I crammed it full of stuff: my lunch, breakfast, book, crocheting project, iPod, phone, badge and wallet. I won't have to carry more than one bag to work anymore if I don't want and there's no possibility of lost stuff with transferring stuff around. This way I can just leave my badge in this bag (in one of the bazillion zippered pockets) and never worry about whether I've left it behind. Sooo happy.
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Bag looks very cool! You are so techy!

It's silly, isn't it? Getting all excited over a bag. But it's shiny! And new! And green! :)

Not silly at all. I've been coveting the case that my executive director has. It's a super sleak leather deal that is soooooo sassy and chic. I haven't even had the courage to ask her where she got it b/c I'm scared she'll say Nordstrom or Coach and I'll have to die and be reborn as a millionaire before I could ever dream of being able to afford it.

If you find the brand, I bet you could find it online for cheaper than wherever she bought it in person. :)

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