savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Broken record

I feel like I only talk about 2 things any more - the "new house" and work. It's really weird, because all the things I'm thinking about (vacation, taking classes, feminisim as it relates to stalkers, etc) never seem to make it up here. Is that because I'm posting at work? I think this may be the culprit. Of course, it's also summer which seems to be marriage season around here. I just mention this because my husband is going on a 3 day bachelor party to the beach. The men are all in their 30's so I'm trying very hard to avoid being skeptical about their ability to figure out what to do with themselves (other than stare at the teenage girls).

Unfortunately I'm having anxiety dreams again because there are so many things up in the air right now. Why is it that everything happens at once, or at least feels like it is? Most days I'm struggling to keep everything going and get all my stuff done before I'm so tired I want to crawl into bed. I'm sure that transitioning from having a permanent vacation to a real job again is messing with my sleep schedule, but then again, so is my inability to exercize due to this stupid ankle injury. It's hard to get any movement in when bending your ankle hurts. Yep, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Over the weekend I got all of the gardening done I needed to despite my ankle and its crankiness. I wasn't able to do any weeding, but the begonias are planted in the raised beds and the lavendar were potted for Dad's fathers day present(which he was really happy with). The only thing we didn't get as completed as we wanted was the sealing of all the openings into the house. It turns out that the squirrel that died in our attic had chewed a hole in one of the roof vents and couldn't get out the same way it got in. So that's why it tried to crawl out the bird holes and ended up dying half in and half out of the house. We're really hoping to seal the holes that have let so many animals use our home as a nest and close this menagerie without any further deaths or even births. We've had way too many bird nests in our attic in the last couple of years. Dang persistent animals.
Tags: weekend recap, what the?!?, whiiiiine
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