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And Life says Ha!

I thought yesterday was the triangle of doom. I was so wrong. Today is the triangle.

While getting my camera ready for the trip, I discovered that it will only take 50 pictures. Somehow all the memory got eaten by something and is no longer available. And oh, by the way, they don't make memory for it anymore. So last night I spent a couple of hours picking a camera I could live with. Thank goodness we're not so strapped financially that I can't just get something I need. (Well, until the new house anyway.)

Also, we're going to look at 3 houses tonight. This time I remembered the camera (with its pitiful number of pictures), the compass and the outdoor thermometer. I'm hoping that today is another scorcher so that we can tell how hot these houses get. We're starting at 6 with the house we like and going to 2 others. This will take all night, of course.

Add to that the fact that I'm picking up 30 pounds of rabbit today. Where am I going to store this? I have no idea. I may have to buy some coolers and some ice, as I have neither with me. I may even be able to get them into the pitiful freezers here at work for a while. But then I get to take them around to houses with me. I may just bite the bullet and drive them home.

Oh, and the parade application? It's not done yet. I really need to get that faxed out today. And get the fabulous ms_monkey the key to my house so that she can take care of the kitties while we're gone.

You know, all this fun would be, well, more fun if it didn't come due in one day.

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let me know what I can do to help with the cats, etc. Also, when does this start...are you leaving Friday? When will you be back?

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