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Feeding time

The cats are finally getting the idea with the raw food. Last night my big monster dived right in with no bait food at all. There was a little for my monkey, but she's a hard sell anyway. Her portions are so tiny and she's just not interested in eating when Phil is around that it's hard to get her to eat without some coaxing. I think the key to this has been trying the rabbit. They love the stuff so much that they'll eat it before touching the canned food, even though canned is a requirement before they'll eat. It's a weird sort of arrangement, but I have no problem with it as long as the food goes down and stays down.

I've actually taken to watching the little monsters eat, partially because Phil will take over and eat all of the food and partially because it's fascinating. They get so into chewing up the chunks of chicken that they turn their heads around and drag stuff off the food plates. I really didn't expect them to behave this way - they were such sedate eaters when they had dry food. But now that it's real meat, it appears that the carnivore in them has come out. I'm just hoping that going back to canned for the duration of our trip doesn't throw us back too far. I'd really like to see them eating off bones before Christmas rolls around.
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