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More house junk

We looked at the house again last night along with one other. The other was... fine. Not what we're looking for, but it was ok. However, we're coming to be more and more enthralled with this weird place we're looking at. A 30 foot wall made mostly of windows was totally not in the plan, nor was someplace that looks like a ski lodge, but I love the house. It's gorgeous. And 95% of the layout is perfect for us.

There are only a couple of things that worry me about it. The kitchen doesn't have a lot of storage room - we'd have to find places to put some of the billions of appliances that we've accumulated over the years. It's not a big deal, but it is a pain in the ass. The other thing is that there's no linen closet. Anywhere. Nor is there storage in any of the bathrooms for bathroom like junk. Oh, and the laundry room is relatively small.

This is not as much of a problem as you'd think - there's a lot of storage in the lower floor that could be set up for overstock and linens. In fact, it's practically perfect that way. And some day, I could see us adding on a bit to make the laundry room larger and include storage for cleaning stuff and linens. This would also change the dimensions of the master bedroom to be, well, perfect. The trouble is that it's an addition, and I don't know if that's something we want to go into a house knowing it would have to happen.

Add to that the fact that the yard is basically a blank slate. Which is actually a really good thing for me, I can build in a sprinkler system and then do what I want with the yard. There's even a ready-made space for a little pond with fish in it. Sooo perfect.

Basically, this place is 95% perfect. And the 5% we can fix. Now it's just a matter of time before my husband is comfortable enough to put in an offer.