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Mmmm, beer

I'm drinking beer at work. How awesome is that?

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ALWAYS awesome. No matter what HR says, it's ALWAYS awesome.

Yannow, here, they enourage it. In fact, the director brought it by. Insanity.

So aaaaa....I guess your likin' that new job, huh?

Ah, well my employer brought in Dixies BBQ to show their appreciation to us. It was all "Employer X bring in Dixies and the Man. Meet the Man. Hottest BBQ sauce ever." How could anything go wrong? Oh, that's right, you know where I work. They only bought a tiny bit of hot sauce and ran out before noon. Only a few people got any. Most of us just got a hot dog. So typical. Curse them! Curse the scurvy dogs!

That's so sad! It would have been better if they'd never taunted you with the awesome food!

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