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After OD'ing on meat and booze in Montana, I've been obsessed with fruit. Last Friday, my husband and I went shopping at Whole Foods, after a surreal and quick trip to pick linoleum and grab some stuff at Home Depot. I think we went a little insane. I now have more fruit and veggies (locally grown even) in my fridge than I've had in ages. We ended up with two 2 pound bags of cherries, nectarines, strawberries and salad greens/mushrooms/cucumbers. I've been eating so much vegetable matter that I'm nearly craving pasta. But still not so much for the meat. I'm hoping that one sticks around for a while. (We also found the wine I love, so if our offer goes well tonight, there may be some serious drinking.)

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I've always wanted to go to Montana. I suspected there waa meat and booze.

More than enough of each, too. :)

Keep us posted on the offer!! And might I plug Full Circle Farm! All the veggies you can eat in a week!

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