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(no subject)

We've agreed on a price and set an inspection date. I even called my parents and invited them to the inspection. This will be a huge victory for me, because me Dad is the king nitpicker. This way, instead of having him ask me about all the little things he notices after we've bought the place, he can ask the inspector and we can include it on the List if we need to.

We're now working on trying to get the house in order to show it. We're shooting for the 28th as a listing date, so Saturday will be a giant trip to the dump. Don't worry ms_monkey, we'll still come to your party. :)

Oh my gawd, we're really doing this.

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You are a rockstar! No joke. I'm glad we'll see you on Saturday. You'll need a Tiki drink after the run to the 'transfer station'

Congratulations! Was this the house you posted pictures of earlier (with all the windows and such?)

Yes, yes it is. There will hopefully be a housewarming at some point. It's so exciting!

Before the House Warming there will be the House Moving, I assume.

Yep. So the party (PARTY!) will be late August/early September. If all goes well. We're totally hiring some guys to come move our crap. :)

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