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I'm really excited to move. I can't wait! But I'm hating the packing so much it's not even funny. The worst part is the panicky feeling I get every time I think about whether or not the house will be ready to put on the market next Friday. I really want everything to go well, but at this point it's just freaking me out. Hopefully that will stop once we get most of the packed boxes into the new storage unit. Boxes of junk laying around just freak me out on principle.

In happier weekend news, ms_monkey was officially old on Sunday! I'm so glad that my husband and I were able to make her party (we made time after the dump visit and postponed the Goodwill trip a day). We stayed way later than I'd anticipated because once the hanheld game playing stopped, people got interesting. I'm just sad that we didn't have enough margaritas to justify the amount of salt she bought (even though the salt was evil and I had to wipe it off my tongue).

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Packing is the absolute worst part of moving...even unpacking is more fun in the new location. Packing your house up just SUCKS. So,

I have several packing suggestions (you knew I would):

1) You can actually hire people to do this. They come to your house and pack everything up...it's their job, they have special boxes for wardrobes and lamps and the fancy wine glasses that you will kill them if they break. It costs, but it saves your sanity. (When I worked my corporate job just after college and they paid to relocate me, these nice people came to my parents house and packed up whatever I pointed at. It was awesome!)

2) Drinking. It sounds crazy, but drinking eases the worry and the worry over packing is at least 1/2 of my problem.

3) Procrastinate. No seriously, if your man is anything like mine, you'll hold off on the packing so long that he will actually start doing it for you out of total frustration. You'll owe him later, but hey you do the household accounting, right? So as far as I'm concerned, you two would be even.

4) Fire. While I don't advocate this in your case, if you are moving from a place that you hate and find worthless, to a place that you love and adore...just burn the whole thing down with all your stuff in it and start over again in the new place. Hey, this way you'll actually have a great excuse to go out and buy EVERYTHING brand new!

5) Ok, as a last resort, and if you can't or don't want to use the other ideas, I offer you this: call a friend to help pack. Someone who's willing and won't tell the world what color your undies are or care if you've elected to wash all your dishes at the new place. Set a time limit, and make it a quest: We'll pack this room in 2 hours. Go! Your friend will have practially zero memories related to the stuff she or he is packing...so they can do it faster. It's just stuff that goes in boxes. You'll need tape and markers on hand...but that's easy.

So yeah, call me if you need to :)

I love #2 and 4. I'd thought about using explosives to solve this problem, but my coworkers convinced me that the jail time wasn't worth it. :)

The biggest problem I'm having is that we have to pack up and move crap so that we can sell the house. Once it's sold, it'll be easy, but this strategic packing is for the birds. And if I let my husband do it, everything would be broken. That man has ZERO packing ability. He's all about the piles. Argh.

But yeah, if I'm desperate this weekend, I may just call you. :)

Strategic packing sounds hard. It's picking the things that will make each room look it's best and leaving those behind...while still packing up all the rest of your stuff.

I hadn't thought about it really, but I'm starting to see the real challenge in this.

But Whats wrong with piles? Their always right where you know they are!

But they're *piles*! How do you find anything in a pile?

I'm a pile sorter and organizer, I can't explain it...but it works for me. You didn't see the geek room when you came over for the birthday bash...but man was that place covered. I had transfered all of my piles into that room and shut the door!

You people and your piles! I tend to need to find pieces of paper, and I have a crappy memory for stuff like that, so I'm all about the filing cabinets. With handy little labels on the hanging folders.

During my last move I started packing 6 weeks before moving day. I thought I was way ahead until I realized I had a row of books in front of another row of books in my shelves, and things stacked behind things just in general.

Freaked out by boxes of junk laying around? What do they call that phobia?

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