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wrong about people

Actual content from The Dilbert Blog

An interesting analysis of the state of the Mid East by a pseudonymous commenter at The Dilbert Blog:
The neocon western approach means inevitable loss to us. It means long term starvation.
Unlike our fathers, this generation is different. We've been around, and we know how to make things right. It's just a matter of time. We will be ruling our countries in a couple of decades, with cultural open-mindedness and pragmatic tolerance unprecedented in our respective countries. We will do it, and we will do it right, it will be as easy to think of a united Arab state as the EU now.
Unless of course the west keeps charging the average ppl with blind hate and making it perfectly plausible that a hard-liner would sound like a saviour. If not, then we will be our own saviours, in a way that threatens no one, but allows no one to threaten us.

That's my prediction.

Western intervention x Arab development x Lingering clashes = % of world war III.

Take it at face value at your own risk, of course.