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Soooo sleeeeepy

I think this may be the last post whining about getting the house ready for sale. We finished all the big stuff over the weekend, including rearragning the house to give it the illusion of space. It's just really amazing what getting rid of half your stuff will do for a place. But it's finally ready and looks fantastic. It's almost enough to make me want to stay. Almost, but not quite.

In order to make the house available, we're going to spend the weekend (cats in tow) with my parents. I haven't spent this much time at their house since I lived there 8 years ago. I'm hoping it goes well, especially for the cats. Plunking them down someplace new twice in one month is going to be hard on them. I really hope they don't take it out on us by peeing all over everything.
Tags: cats, house renovations, househunt
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