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I'm very proud of myself - I managed to avoid spending $800 yesterday. I've been poking around trying to find a bit or art that's 18"x36" (an odd dimension at best) and I ran across the Michael Godard gallery again. There are a couple of his works that I really want and in a fit of eBay craziness yesterday, I almost bid on a few. But I came to my senses and missed it by inches by reminding myself that buying a house requires cash and spending it on art is not a good way to have any on hand. You'd think that wouldn't be so hard to remember.

Anyway. While poking around I finally found the surrealist that I loved in Vegas: Vladimir Kush. Fantastic art, horrible website.

Yeah, so since my taste in art is expensive and there's nothing that will fit the dimensions I need (I have to hide the breaker box that's a horrible gaping hole in the wall), I'm making my own thing. I found some awesome paper and a couple of Chinese coins and I'm going to do some creative framing. If it turns out well, I'll post before and after photos.
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Vladimir Kush is one of my favourite artists; I also saw his exhibit in Vegas. I totally want his coffee table book, but can't bring myself to spend $100 on it. *sigh* I could stare at his pieces for *hours*.

Maybe you could get it for free if you'd offer to redo his website. They need some serious help over there!

Dang it, did I just betray my complete and utter cluelessness when it comes to how much web services cost? Yeah, well. Work out a thing where you get an original out of the deal. :)

Great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Making your own stuff is fun...but unless it's a scrap book...it never seems to come out the way i want it to for me. Paint and I are not friend...and frankly neither are drawing and I.

But I digress...what I wanted to post in brief is this:

comission college and/or high school artists. I did it, it may cost a little extra in time, at first...but it can be great fun.

Yeah, you have wonderful art. But I was on a serious time crunch. So maybe next time. :)

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