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We can make a bomb out of that!

You know, this latest furor over liquids and assembling bombs on planes makes me sick. Did it not occur to the "security" folks that this was possible? Have these people never seen a movie? Do they not remember Oklahoma City? Have they never known teenage boys?

What the heck are Homeland Security and the TSA doing with the money they get? They obviously aren't thinking ahead. They're only responding (late) to whatever threat gets uncovered. Why on earth don't they have one or two teenage boys sitting around coming up with ways that they could blow shit up? Isn't that what teenage boys do? Or they could order a copy of the Anarchists Cookbook. Then they could have a couple of adults determine whether it's reasonable or feasible and take precautions.

But at that point, I strongly suspect that they'd discover that reasonable precautions are to xray stuff and maybe have a bomb sniffing dog and that's it. And that would render them obsolete. And we certainly can't have that.

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Did you see the boingboing comments? They were having passengers pour all their "potentially explosive" liquids into a giant garbage bucket. If someone actually had dangerous chemicals I suspect that forcing them to mix the chemicals together at the terminal would also be a bad idea.

What a bunch of fools. "Take your explosive components and mix them where I tell you, not where you want to."

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