savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Oddly enough, I'm having a relatively productive day. I've been poking at some work stuff and poking at the stuff for my brothers website and poking at my brain. So the day is going by relatively quickly, which is good because otherwise I'd probably fall down on the floor and fall asleep. See, I was out waaaay to late last night eating fantastic sushi with ms_monkey, pygma_lion and One-T (why doesn't he have an LJ?).

We started eating at 7 or so and didn't finish up until about 10. Between the sashimi and fantastic rolls of our favorite sushi chef on the planet, we three ladies laughed and talked and caught up. I managed to drink two small containers of sake with no ill effects - but then, sake doesn't ever really make me drunk. I love the stuff for that and its perfect melding with the food.

One-T even showed up (late, thank goodness) and even tried the food. He's the pickiest eater I've ever met, so seeing him eat sushi was picture-worthy. Seeing someone who ritually avoids whole food groups eat raw fish is just... well, it really surprised me. But the best part was introducing him to our chef and the wonderful inclusive atmosphere of the place we go. I think he'll eventually earn his new designation as pygma_lions sushi-husband.
Tags: sushi
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