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Moving stories (#1 of a series)

So lets start with the work we needed to do to the house, shall we? Because I'm super organized (read: love to make lists) and have a computer program that lets me do this, I had everything scheduled out so that we could move into the new house on Tuesday and be perfectly set. The phone, water, garbage, gas, electricity and mail were easy. What was less easy was discovering there's no mailbox. But a hold on the mail took care of that.

So for Tuesday, we needed to have a plumber out to fix the water pressure and have the washer and dryer delivered so I could clean everything that was transported in the icky moving van. Yes, moving vans are icky. It's sort of mandatory considering they haul all kinds of crap around.

In order for the plumber to do his work and the washer and dryer to be installed, we needed an electrician to come out Monday. No problem, we had one scheduled to arrive between 4 and 6PM. But Monday about 6PM things started to unravel. The electrician still hadn't shown up at 6, so my husband called the company to see what the heck was going on. It seems that the dispatcher had been trying to call him to confirm the appointment, even though he'd already confirmed it, and couldn't reach him since they'd written down his number wrong. Oops. But they could come out sometime after 8. My husband elected to have them come out sometime the next day around 4.

We called the plumber to see when he was coming out and got more bad news. The part he needed hadn't shipped, so he wouldn't be coming out. But the appliances would be out between 2:30 and 4:30. If we were lucky, they'd come after the electrician and we'd have the necessary outlets in place.

Of course, we weren't lucky. The appliances showed up at 2:30. Since there was no way to install them without doing the electrical work, they left them in the garage. They could have taken them back to the shop, but I didn't want to risk an accidental delivery of the wrong items when they came back to do the installation. 10 minutes after they left, the electrician showed up.

It wouldn't have done us any good for them to stay, because the electrician apparently thought he was ok to just do an estimate and leave, instead of doing the work. After he bailed, I looked over the bid he'd left and instead of the $150 they'd originally estimated to do the appliance outlet work, they wanted $800. OK, try again buddy. We decided to go with the much more reasonably priced adapter available from the appliance guys. But we still needed the water pump outlet put in place.

So, Wednesday the electrician came back. And he finally did the work that we contracted him to do on Monday. So much for my carefully wrought plan. But the electrical work got done. And we scheduled the appliance guys for yesterday. They came out, were accosted by the local animal population, and installed my beautiful new washer and dryer (which work like a charm). So we're 3/4 of the way done with the work - the plumber is tentatively scheduled for the end of next week. I don't think I'm going to hold my breath on that one.
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