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Moving #2 - Local wildlife

We haven't seen much in the way of wildlife yet, but there have been a few incidents. The first was sighting an elk cow on the first night out at the new house. She was standing in the new yard, calmly eating the grass down to nothing. It was almost as though the lawn had been put in for her to graze upon. The second was spotting the neighbor cat tromping through they yard. Not real exciting, but it suprised my mother. The third, now that one was exciting.

We had a bat fly into the house. The poor thing was swooping around trying to find the way out and freaking us all out in the process. Its echolocation must have been thrown off by all the glass and the empty house - it kept flying in circles around the living room and couldn't seem to grasp where the doors were. Of course, the lights were on, so that wasn't helping any. Eventually we got tired of it being stuck to the tippy-top of the fireplace and turned off the lights near the doors, while keeping those away from them on. That seemed to work, and that bat finally circled enough times that he found the doors and shot out.

Then came moving day. We met the big dog from down the street when he came up to check out the moving van. Fortunately, he's a friendly dog because he appears to be a cross between a great dane and a mastiff. I'll have to get a picture to show the size, he's taller than my waist with an enormous slobbery head. He appears to bark at people that startle him, but he's mostly harmless and responds well to puppy-talk.

And of course, there's the herd of elk that accompany the cow. There are at least 2 calves, 2 cows and possibly a bull. I'm not certain, because they mostly come out at when it's really dark, but at least one of the cows and her calf have no fear of us when we're inside the house.

No bear or cougar yet, but I think it's just a matter of time on those two.
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