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(no subject)

This will piss you off if you're moved by politics: photo fraud in Lebanon.

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I have a real problem with the source and tone of the defrauding. . .

Yeah, parts of it bugged me, but I can see some of their points. I just wish I didn't have to think about how "yellow" our journalism really is. It's so tiring trying to wade through the news to find the facts.

I think it's a Churchill quote that goes something like:

Anyone who doesn't read the newspaper is uninformed. Anyone who does read the paper is misinformed.

I try to be critical of what I read and see, in the hopes that it might help me sift through the garbage. The real story is always somewhere in the middle, or so I assume.

For instance, what did I get from that link you posted? That there probably is some elaborating of photos, but it's very likely not as widespread as they're suggesting.

This was the first time I had seen any of these photos. They seemed obvious to me...especially the prop ones. Less so the situation with the guy in the photo series posing as a helper and a hurt victem. But the thing is, I don't watch TV news, never ever. I get all my news from Radio and Internet sources. Thanks for posting this link...if you track this site and other stuff comes up, please post again! It was worth watching...even with the heavy hitting tone.

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