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(no subject)

So, long time no post. I've been so busy it's been... scary. We'll start with something easy, shall we? I have braids today. This is not news, except that I've only been called Pipi Longstocking once. And I even got a compliment. Freaked me right the heck out. Compliments tend to do that.

Anyway. Spent yesterday working from home, waiting for the electrical inspector and the furniture delivery guys. The inspector was easy, the furniture delivery not so much. The "perfect" furniture is perfect, except for the size. The china cabinet is about 9 inches too tall to fit under the light on the wall. And there's nowhere that there isn't a light on the wall, except where I was going to put the piano. So now I must be creative. Either I stick the piano on an outside wall or I find somewhere completely different for it.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of reading and putting crap away. I never realized just how much junk I have. Finding places for it all is going to be tough. But I get all weekend (alone!) to work on it. I'll also get to climb the mountain in the back yard if I want. If in can find my walking sticks, that is.

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Me. Sort of. It's been a while, but I love to sit down and plunk at it.

So at the Halloween party we can get drunk and try to figure out chopsticks together :) hehe!

I don't think I'll have the piano by then. Partly for that reason. :)

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