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Cat owie

So my little white cat is wearing a cone. Somehow, she managed to get a spot on her leg that was irritating enough that she licked it bald. It doesn't appear to be allergies, and the vet said that the infection looked to be a superficial one most likely induced by 5 days of licking the same spot. There's no injury - she doesn't even seem to notice that there's a problem until she starts the licking again. So now she's stuck wearing a cone and walking like a drunk for 10-14 days. Or until the wound heals. Because if she starts licking again, we just get to put the cone back on. I'm really hoping the antibiotics and antifungal cream work, and quickly. This is no fun for any of us, even though she looks really cute with the sleepy eyes and cone head.

Phil is, of course, taking advantage of her being somewhat hampered by the cone and pouncing her more frequently. This makes no sense to me as it trades off with grooming her head. Keeping them separated when we can't supervise them is not reducing the kitty stress, just the amount of damage done. Why are cat relationships so complicated?

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