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books, organization

Authors who've jumped the shark

I haven't used that phrase in so long! Such a wonderful excuse to use it.

Meme: "What authors have you given up on for good? And why?"

For me, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey and Terry Goodkind. Some of their books I can read, but it's only the ones I've read before. And only one at a time. Other than that, they make me want to smack them. There's just something about the writing style, particularly in their later novels, that bugs the crap out of me. It's not as cardboard as Dan Brown, but it's certainly not what I'm looking for.

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I haven't read much of David Edding's stuff besides those relating to the Belgariad series, which I enjoyed. The other stuff he's put out, I either haven't read, or didnt care for, like the series with Sparhawk, or whatever his name is.

Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series I actually enjoy, though I haven't caught all the way up yet. Book 7 was crap, I'm reading book 8 currently, and haven't gotten book 9 yet. I like what he was doing all the way up to book 6 , though.

I threw my hands up in disgust with Robert Jordan, though. I will never touch his books again. Wheel of time was enjoyable for me till about book 6, I read 7-10 and disliked each of them, and quit reading the series.

You're kidding me. Jordan has more than 10 books in that series? That's insane! I never could get into his books - it seemed like too much of a commitment. He was already up to about 5 by the time I found out about them. 5000 or so pages just to catch up is too crazy.

McCaffrey, god, yes. I page through the new stuff written with/by her son and shudder. I didn't like anything that came out after the original trilogies (and maybe Moreta, if I have the flu).

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