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Somehow over the last month or so I stopped drinking soda. It's not something I planned, it just sort of happened. I'd drifted from the caffeniated/high fructose corn syrup drinks to the diet/decaf as a part of my aborted attempt at the Atkins diet (I'm part Italian. There's no way I could give up pasta forever.). Then I discovered that the corn syrup was originally a preservative and that disgusted me enough that I won't knowingly drink anything with it in there. And then I just got tired of the diet this and that and the icky aftereffects of fake sugars. Don't get me wrong, I will still occasionally drink those Crystal Light to go things that you mix with 20 oz of water and be happy. But I'm definitely done with soda.

Then last night with the sushi, I had a pot of Green Tea. All by myself. I love tea - it is the perfect drink. It's not carbonated, it has flavor, it's good for me. I have tea on the weekends in the morning in my cast iron teapot and it stays warm for hours. It's soothing, smells good, and the caffeine that's in it doesn't make me crazy. The only reason I'm drinking something else right now is that good tea requires good water and the water here at the officeis crap. If only there were a good way to filter and heat water myself. Alas, I have no stove in my office.
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