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Grandmas china


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Ok, so I'm a dish-aholic you have to tell me more about this. What's the manufacturer and pattern name? Does the photo show a part of her set? Are the glasses her's as well...or is this simply an example of her pattern?

Are you in possession of Grandma's China now? If so, how many place settings and how are you storing it? It looks like there might be a silver plate rim on the design, if that's the case, have you opted for tarnish-proof bags?

Ok, I'm geek.

Most of the answers to your question will come in a post I'll make when I'm not busy-busy-busy. But it's a gold rim on the plate. And where do I get tarnish-proof bags? I need them!

Well, when you mom's parents worked at a jewelry story...they ordered them. But my Grandma and Grandpa are long dead, and most of my silver has come with tarnish-proof bags. These are felt-like but treated with some kind of something that makes the things inside stay mostly shiney and not tarnished. Similar to the lining of silver chests.

One place to shop is: http://www.billbarnes.com/product.asp?product=10823 no idea if they are any good...just looked it up right now.

Here's another site: http://www.creativespacesusa.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=386

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