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(no subject)

So I've joined platypus in her not-NaNoWriMo movement of a photo a day. If you guys have subjects you'd like to see over the next month, let me know. I may hit an inspiration wall at some point. ;)

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Yay for NotNaNo! I'm looking forward to posting my pictures. Which may well include a shot of the television from my place on my sickbedcouch.

I am so with you there. I picked up a cold last week on the cruise and I've been hacking ever since. At least my stomach muscles will be in shape!

Ooh, now there's a thought! I've felt a little bit guilty about not having dragged my ass to the gym since...Friday? Thursday? Sometime last week, anyway. I feel much better now. Surely all my snorfling and sneezing and whining has burned off a few calories and perhaps even firmed up my core region.

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