savannah (onsafari) wrote,

The Garage story

Last week, my husband did something very silly involving the garage. As you can see, the garage is detached and requires a key to get in. As is typical with our house, this key is different from those supplied for each of the other 4 doors and we only have 2 copies. Yes, we have 5 unique keys to this house.

So while I was gone on the cruise it rained. It rained enough that it freaked out my car's alarm system again, so my husband put my car in the garage to keep it dry and stop the alarming. When Monday rolled around, he took off to catch a plane to his conference in St. Louis. He always takes all of his keys with him when he travels and he took his car to the long term parking at the airport. Months before, I'd given my father the other key to the garage, and used the remote to let myself in and out.

So after staying home sick on Monday, I got up to go to work on Tuesday and realized that I didn't have a garage key. Or any other way in because the remote was in my car. So after a few minutes of panicking and trying all of the other million keys in the house, I called in "trapped" to work and started calling locksmiths. Did you know that a locksmith charges $100 to come to your house? Yeah, wasn't happy about that. So after finally getting a locksmith to talk to me and actually offer to come out, I called my Dad hoping that he could still find the key to the garage.

We chatted for a bit and I convinced him to drive the 50 miles to my house to deliver a key. I still feel pretty guilty about that. But I was able to cancel the locksmith and take my Dad out to lunch. Thank goodness he's retired or I would have forked over the cash to rekey the whole damn house that day. We'll still get it rekeyed, but not having to use the emergency service should save some money.

Hubby called me that afternoon and I gave him a bit of crap about it, but not too much because he'd moved my car to be nice. So really he was doing me a favor and we just forgot to get all of the little details taken care of. But when I got to work there were all kinds of suggestions for how to handle the situation, many of them involved locking him out by rekeying the whole house. And possibly dumping his stuff on the lawn. Good thing I'm a relatively nice person. :)
Tags: humor, husband
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