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(no subject)

Tonight (or this weekend) I'm going furniture shopping. Let me tell you, I'm not even remotely excited about this. I need chairs and stuff, but I have no interest in wandering through furniture shops trying to find something that's not crazy expensive, won't take ages to ship to me and comes in colors I can stand. I guess this is the price of being picky but I'd rather be picky than end up with crap.

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Here, here. Matt and I spent almost 6 months looking for a bar and a couch custom built for us by Dania. We've search for almost our entire cohabitation for a bed frame and just found one that we both liked in Sept. (took 'til Oct. to get it.)

Yep, furniture shopping is hard, tiresome, expensive...but in the end...LOOK: pretty room!

Yeah, and sooner is better in this regard. Still, I get tired just thinking about it. ;)

Ah, now see when you're a parent it's a different experience.

"I'm looking for something that ink blotches will look natural on, that jelly can be cleaned off of regularly, that can be jumped on from on top of the book shelves, and that can make a good fortress with it's cushions. Have you got any former Soviet Union Army surplus couches?"

Yeah, there are weird requirements with cat, but nothing involving jelly. Just texture preferences on what's "scratch-friendly."

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