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The Master Manipulator

My cat is very good at getting what she wants. See, I'm trying to toilet train her. So she sits outside the bathroom where the box is, and yaps at me. And I, being the pawn in this situation, get up thinking that the box is dirty, or she has to go potty or something.

But that's not it at all. She just wants me to get up so that she can guilt me into giving her a treat. And it works. I really should stop encouraging this behavior.

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ok, this cat toilet training thing - i'm soooo all about trying it, but .. i can't find any good books. what are you using as your guide? is it just something you've done before?

I haven't found any books that were any good. But I did find a website that explained it all. And now I can't for the life of me find it.

My cats are righteously stubborn about the whole thing, so I've had to devote an entire bathroom to the exercize.

Basically what you want to do is move the box to near the toilet and slowly raise it so that it's level with the toilet. If the cats balk at any time, back up a bit and go slower. Take as much time as your cats need with each step, or it makes it harder to move on.

Once it's level with the toilet, and they're comfotable walking on the seat, buy a metal bowl and put it in the toilet, under the seat and resting on the rim. Put the litter in the bowl. You want to get the cats so that they have all 4 feet on the seat and are using the bowl as the "box." Then slowly reduce the level of the litter, so that eventually there are only a few grains at the bottom. Then put a tiny bit of water in the bottom, and slowly raise it.

Then you can get rid of the bowl!

Okay, am I the only person here afraid of sitting on a cat in the middle of the night when I have to use the bathroom and am half asleep?

Yes. I'm not tall enough to sit on a cat sitting on the toilet. :P

Okay, and like I am. *snicker*

But you know. It's the middle of the night, you're tired, you're half asleep, you sleep walk into the bathroom. . .

Okay, apparently it's just me.

(Though cats are way smarter than humans and know to just get out of the way. I would hope.)

Are you saying that you sat on someone who was using the toilet?!?!?

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