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(no subject)

The funniest thing about this whole wind storm was when the door in the bedroom to the outdoor balcony blew open. It mad a big bang and I hid my head in the covers. See? I'm not in my 30s, I'm 8.

The suckiest thing is that we probably won't have power until we get back from vacation. Therefore, we will be taking dirty clothes in the suitcase and laundering them when we arrive.

The scariest thing was the random person that appeared in my driveway (which is 1/4 mile to nowhere but my house), sat there for a few minutes, and then randomly left. Visions of looting danced in my head.

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I can't help thinking that in your neck of the woods, if I were to stroll up to a house and then hear, perhaps, the random click-clack of stones toppling in the wind it would sound too much like a hammer being pulled back and I too would get the hell out of dodge.

Seriously though, people randomly appearing and casing your house in an outage is usually a bad sign. It would freak me out a little too.

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