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Stinking Steve Jobs

Dammit, they're coming out with the iPhone soon. I want one, but not badly enough to switch to Cingular. Stupid Apple.
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An iPhone? Seriously?

Yep. Since I have an iMac, this would be the perfect device for me. In fact, it would replace 2 I carry and one I just don't have room for in the purse. But Cingular. Ugh.

Well, it makes sense. Wow, are they every branching out the "i" brand, though. I'd be offended if i were a hardcore mac user, I think.

Yeah, you'd think they'd come up with a clever new name. Maybe they need a new marketing department.

Well, no. I'd say their marketing is working. People are buying into it as a lifestyle brand, which is the best they could've ever hoped for. So they're probably paying big bucks to their guys. But as a consumer, even if I'm only a nominal consumer of Apple products, I'm feeling a little jaded.

I think I got a little tired of it when other companies started in on i-this and e-that. I don't think the hardcore Apple folks care what the name is, they just want it because it's Apple. I wonder if they're trying to convert all the iPod users. I've seen some pretty unrealistic numbers for what they're expecting to sell in the US - especially with locking themselves into one carrier.

Probably are having high expectations and assuming that they can grow their market share. But if their service for phones is anything like what they don't provide for iTunes, I expect dismal failure.

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