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One thing... leads to another...

The driveway to my house is 1/4 mile long (yes, I checked with the odometer). This presents some interesting quirks into our daily life that I did not anticipate when we were buying this house. I never realized just how many functions of daily life occur at the edge of the road and how inconvenient that can be. Walking half a mile to get the mail in the summer is fine. Walking that distance in the snow and ice is no picnic.

The other thing that I never considered was how difficult it is to haul 2 trash cans down to the road and back up. A 96 gallon can sounds like a good idea when you're ordering it, but it's a huge pain when it comes to actually hauling that and the 32 gallon can of trash anywhere other than from the house to the garage.

Fortunately, we've come to a sort of compromise where we use the station wagon to haul the trash cans. However, this leads to laying the cans down in the car and sometimes that just isn't a good idea. The smell in the car last week was pretty bad, since it had been used to haul the icky trash that resulted from being out of power for a week. It smells better now, but this is an ongoing problem. It's not like I'm going to haul 80 pounds of trash down a hill for a quarter mile.

The nearest neighbors have an ingenious solution to this dilemma - they have 2 teenage boys and a truck. The boys do the hauling and lifting, and the truck gets washed out when it's in the rain. So lately, especially with the troubles the car has been having, I've been fantasizing about buying a truck. Because that would solve the problem. Except we still don't have 2 teenage boys to do the heavy lifting.

I think we've finally come up with a decent compromise though. We'll get a hitch and a trailer for the wagon. Oooh, so sexy, and yet I can actually get the trash cans up into the trailer. And it doesn't cost $40K. We'll still get a truck some day, but this will make it much less of a priority.
Tags: rural life
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