savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Better Business

I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Let me tell you, that was the antithesis of fun. The largest part of the problem is that this brings up all kinds of rage, mostly as a result of said business being a dillhole and totally screwing me over. All of this mess over basic fact-checking and one check box.

It seems that while we were closing on the house, the escrow company didn't bother to check any of the data supplied by the buyer. Since they didn't do their jobs properly, the county has decided that we've lost our forest land designation and as a result we owe thousands of dollars in back taxes. The kicker is that the only reason we know any of this is that our neighbor is applying for the same status and noticed our odd state while doing research on his place.

I tell you, dealing with state agencies has become a pastime of mine. At least most of the folks that work there are reasonable and will help with their arcane and legalese forms. Because otherwise by now I'd be a gibbering idiot.
Tags: rural life
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