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Specious Anniversaries

Last night my husband and I went out to celebrate the 7th anniversary of our first date. We ended up at the local restaunt that's touted as the great smokehouse. I have to say that I was mightily disappointed with the food and the atmosphere. But the company was good. I really think I prefer the local pub to this creepy restaurant where they start vacuuming while people are still eating. The only creepy thing is that we've started calling the pub the The Winchester.

It was really nice to sit down and relax though. We had a very full weekend and spending some time celebrating all the things that are right in our relationship (instead of focusing on working on the parts that are tough) was definitely worth it.

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It's nice when you have those relationship affirming dates.

Yeah. We really needed it after the last couple of weeks too.

You often do. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to fall into the "happily ever after" trap. Even having been in a relationship for eight years, I still sometimes forget that it's only a trap - a mirage. That happily ever after is only something you can say about a relationship after you're both ninety and can say you're still in love - and mean it.

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