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This morning I woke to 3 inches of new snow. The temperatures were warming though, letting the snow fall from the trees around the house in great wet globs. Pulling the car out of the driveway to head to work wasn't a problem, even though the snow was slowly melting from the bottom up. However, driving toward the street in the tracks my husband's car left was an entirely different story. About 100 feet into the trip, the car started to slide. The back end was headed to the side and off the driveway toward a tree.

After doing this about 3 times and getting further and further off to the edge of the driveway, I climbed out of the car and went for the snow shovel. Forunately I didn't have to shovel the entire driveway, just the really slushy parts. It still took ages and all the muscles that I used to remain upright despite the slush and my feet trying to run down the hill are tired as all get out. But I manged to get out without actually ending up fully sideways. And those tricky parts of the drive will be dry by the time I get home.

Two notes for next year:
  1. Get leafblower or clean driveway regularly in early fall. Before the leaves get soggy.
  2. Look into buying a snowblower. Getting completely snowed in is a bad idea.
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