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Cleaning up

Because we're completely domesticated, my husband and I spent part of Sunday rearranging the house. Yes, it was really that exciting. After moving stuff around in the bedroom and moving a bookcase, we started talking about moving the fish tanks to their final locations. The 10 gallon wasn't a problem, but the 30 gallon is huge, heavy and unwieldy. And it really needs to move upstairs.

So we're talking about how to move this thing when I come up with a brilliant idea. The conversation goes something like this:
Me: I know a way we can move the fish upstairs easily.
Hubby: How's that?
M: You know how it's my birthday next week?
H: Yeah?
M: Well, you could buy me a new bigger tank and we could put that up here empty. Then just move the fish.
H: <laughs>

Yeah, so I'm getting a new fishtank for my birthday. And I swear I'm going to sell the 30.
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