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I am NOT catching a cold

The weekend was fairly uneventful - no new fish tank (why don't they make stands that aren't hideous?), DST didn't really break anything. So I didn't have to work and we were able to put up a few of the new Roman shades. Of course, having to do this ourselves somehow managed to send me into a panic of indecision which was only ended by just putting up a few to get used to them. Sometimes I think I like the idea of change more than actual change. When it comes right down to it, I'm pretty set in my ways.

Anyway, Sunday I started getting a little stuffy. But I'm really not catching a cold, it's more like I'm flirting with it. It gets a little worse, I take more vitamins. Round and round until it finally catches up with me and I give in and just deal with it. Here's hoping that I can get out of this cycle this time by smacking the cold harder than ususal. I'd really like to be able to do some more interesting stuff this weekend than sneeze into a tissue.