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How girly am I?

No content today, check back later. Only a meme about girliness.

Check all that apply and total it up!

[x]You own over 10 bottles of nail polish
[] You own a designer purse
[] You own perfume that cost over $60
[] You have fake nails
[x] You have more body/hair products than you can use
[] Your pet is a chihuahua/Pomeranian/Siamese/Yorkie
[] You have clothes/shoes/accessories for your pet
[] You have enough clothes to cover an entire refugee camp
[] You have enough pictures to create your own wallpaper
[] A pink comforter, walls or sheets

Total so far: 2/10

Do you:
[] Spend more time at the mall than you do at home/work
[x] Have a hair color that is not natural
[] Have "blonde moments" at least once a day
[] Buy stuff because it's awesome and then never wear it
[x] Constantly keep your phone at your side
[] Dance around in your room when nobody else is home
[] Have a name for your car
[] Know what celebrity is dating who and who broke up this week.
[] Refuse to go out in public without makeup
[] Prefer to be called "princess"

Total so far: 4/20

[] Makeup
[] Glitter
[] The Color Pink
[] Shopping
[] Jewelry
[] Mirrors
[] Chick flicks
[] Shoes
[] Rainbows
[x] Disney Movies
[] Candles
[] Flowers
[] Stuffed Animals
[] Purses

Total so far: 5/34

[] Coach
[] Forever 21
[] Victoria's Secret
[] Guess?
[x] Claires
[] Express
[] Delias
[] MAC
[] Sephora
[] Bebe
[] Dillards

Total so far: 6/45

[] Biotch
[] Whatever
[] Oh my gosh/goodness
[x] Hon
[] Fugly
[] That's hot
[] Dunzo
[] Darling
[] Psh
[] Cutie
[] Hottie
[] Skank
[] Totally
[] Fo Sho

Total so far: 7/60

Do You Religiously Read:
[] Cosmopolitan
[] Glamour
[] Marie Claire
[] Elle
[] Vogue
[] People
[] Us Weekly
[] Star
[] Self.
[] PerezHilton.com
[] Dlisted.com
[] 17online.com
[] people.com
[] usmagazine.com
[] popsugar.com

Total so far: 7/75

Have You Seen:
[x] Legally Blonde
[] Elizabethtown
[x] Mean Girls
[x] Now & Then
[x] The Notebook
[x] A Walk to Remember
[x] Sweet Home Alabama
[] Where the Heart is
[] John Tucker Must Die
[] Centerstage
[x] Bring it On
[x] How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
[x] Mona Lisa Smile
[x] My Girl

Total so far: 17/89

Are you Addicted to...
[] America's next top model
[] Project runway
[] Desperate Housewives
[] The Simple life
[] 8th & Ocean
[x] Sex in the city
[] Grey's Anatomy
[] The O.C.
[] Laguna Beach/ THE HILLS
[] Nip/Tuck

Total: 18/99

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7/99. Not really a surprise :)

Somehow I suspect that many of the women online (or at least the ones we interact with) will get similar results. :)

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