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Bugs and... bugs

Spent the weekend fighting a variant of the flu. Thankfully, I won and today am at the office doing office-type stuff. Can't you just feel the enthusiasm. But this enforced down time allowed me to read spectacular amounts and even play on the Xbox. Sitting around for 2 days doing nothing but reading, even though it was the spectacular Old Man's War and Watchmen, left me pretty restless. A good bout of thumb-punching against the Xbox was absolutely necessary. Of course, that really isn't saying much.

While spending time trying to finish off Watchmen (which I loved), I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a new comfortable position in which to sit. As such, I spent some time lying on the floor and looking around at things that generally don't get that close to my face. Did you know that ladybugs, when crushed and sunbleached, leave behind sad little transparent shell remnants? This new house has showered us with ladybugs, in all seasons of the year. They climb up the window casings, wander across the table and look for nonexistent bugs on my houseplants. We have random ladybug carcasses across the floor, lying where the cats have left them or wherever they were stepped on. I have no idea how we got so many of these things, or even how they're living long enough to reproduce. But I keep hoping that some day they'll admit their defeat and stop landing in the lights.

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you should be happy...I would love to have ladybug swarms...plus they probably entertain the cats...

IN the HOUSE? They're not doing any good in the house! If they were outside, sure. Otherwise it's just beetles in the house.

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