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When my husband and I got home last night, we walked in the kitchen to see an elk and a deer wandering around the yard eating clover. This was the first time we'd seen the deer, but elk are pretty common as there's a herd that lives in the area. They're beautiful to look at but generally pretty skittish, so we just stand still and watch until they get their fill and move on. When they notice us inside the house, it's pretty easy to feel like an intruder - there you are staring at a creature while it's just trying to eat its dinner and minding its own business.

So last nnight, the deer and elk wander off, going their separate ways. I went downstairs to feed the fish and had to stop just inside the doorway. The elk was right next to the windows eating along the foundation of the house. She was huge! It was easily as tall as I am, most of that muscled body. I went back to the stairst to call my husband because the elk never get that close, and this sort of encounter just wasn't something to pass by.

He cam down and the Molly-cat followed him, making her announcements the whole way down. He stopped just outside the door and we watched the elk eat, but Moll hadn't noticed it yet. She was too busy mouthing off and begging for fish food. The elk finally noticed us and stopped to watch what we were doing.

I was able to coax Moll up onto the back of the couch so that she could see the elk and she froze. The elk watched her and I started to try to calm the cat by petting her slowly. This really interested the elk and she moved forward, going so far as to touch her nose to the window. The petting didn't do much to console the cat and she took off for safer parts of the house. With her departure, the elk lost interest in us as anything other than a potential threat.

I would be surprised if elk eat cats, but it was certainly interesting to watch their interaction. And now I have the noseprint to show for it.
Tags: rural life
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