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Good news, bad news

Washington pharmacies must fill Plan B prescriptions. They really thought that Plan B was equivalent to abortion? What does education does becoming a pharmacist require?

American Airlines releases dumbed down version of travel booker for women. Note that the background on the tools site has already been changed from the pink to their generic blue.

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You hadn't heard about that whole plan b stuff? Yes, many people thinks that it is abortion (that crowd that believes life begins at conception). Here's the sad part...you have to go to college for most pharmacy degrees. The part that's really disturbing is that there are pharmacies in the state and nation that refuse to stock it on "moral" grounds. At least now they will be forced to...the last thing I want is some Johovas Witness refusing to sell someone anti-rejection drugs because of "moral" reasons.

I knew about the kerfluffle, I'm just in shock that people who are qualified to dispense narcotics can't figure out the difference between Plan B and RU-486. Idiots.

I can't believe the whole pharmisist thing took so long to resolve. I thought it would be:

Pharmacist: "I can't sell you the medication you need and or have a perscription for because I personally object to it."

Boss: "Gee, that's great. Now you're a bag boy/girl. I hope you had your college loans paid off."

Or possible a huge lawsuit involving the ACLU, some normal person, an idiot phamacist working for a major chain store, and gazillions of dollars.

Oh, oh! I know. How about if I work for Barnes and Noble but refuse to sell people books on Biology, Physics, Geology, etc. that disagree with the bible? Even though the store stocks them.

Or if I work for Safeway and refuse to sell pork or shellfish?

Wow, if this had been any other venue it would have been a pretty easy decision.

Or what if I work for the white house but refuse to testify under oath about what I said and did. Oh, that different, nevermind.

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