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Not so angry anymore

I finally wrote my angry letters to both the Norwescon and Doubletree staff about the fiasco that was their parking situation. The behavior of the hotel staff was appalling, especially for such a large event. The fact that they were disorganized as well as spectacularly unhelpful is what set me to finally write both groups. Congoers shouldn't be treated like second class citizens at their own damn event.

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I hadn't heard about that, though I'm getting the general idea. Was it regular old incompetence like "Hey, how may parking spaces do we need for 2,000 people?" "Oh, about 50." or did it transcend that?

It was "Oh, wait, the airport parking's closed too? Lets close down the valet and make sure to not offer any sort of suggestions as to where people who want to pay us to stay here can park. And better make sure to not even offer options, especially if they ask."

Wait, you were at Norwescon this year?!

No, I couldn't be there. There wasn't any parking when we arrived Saturday. Stupid hotel people. I'd paid for admission ahead of time too.

That totally sucks. It would have been cool to see you. We got there on *Thursday* at like 6, and the lot was already full. However, we tricked the lot attendant into letting us in anyway and then I got totally lucky and found a guy leaving before anyone else did. But Mike, who came on Friday, had to park down the street at the Hilton. The size of the lot is ridiculous compared to the capacity of the hotel.

Were you at least able to get your membership transfered to another year or a refund?

I haven't heard back yet from the Norwescon folks. I should probably email more than just the hotel liason, hmm? We looked *everyplace* for parking - all the way down to the MasterPark. There was nothing! We couldn't even park in one of the unmarked sort-of-spaces because they were all full. Poor planning on the part of the hotel.

Okay, seriously, the liasion. She's useless to you. We had issues two years running with our suite and the reservations and handling thereof, and we complained and never heard a word back (from either her or the Chair). Also, she wasn't very communicative the times she did respond back the first year. It was crappy, but I think she's a permanent fixture in the ComCon.

Dang. Who else can I whine at? Con Services? Will they care?

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